What Cambodian Bloggers Are Saying

Dear Beth,

Excited new for your coming to join us. We are looking forward to welcome you. Your campaign page is excellence and I also have post it to many other list, hope you would raise enough money for your expense and we are sorry that we could not help you any.

We are very please to have you helping to assist us to organize this event, since it is the first time we organize kinda big event like this, we are not really sure how much we could make it good but we are trying to make it happen and goes well. With your assistant I think it would be a brillian add to our team. And ofcause we would also like you to share some of the sessions that you think it suite you best, esp I know that would be the Web2.0 tools. :D

We are currently finalizing our announcement and preparing all the information that would need before we let the public know and talk about our event by the end of this week. Even i know most of em already been awared of it. We also need to setup wikis, blogs, forum and other collaboratiing tools that would allow enough opportunity for all the participants to communicate and share stuff with eachother as well as other bloggers who cannot join us at the event we would encourage them to join us vitually so that we could keep track of all Cambodian bloggers and those who have interest with the event.

Virak Hor