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I asked the Cambodian Blogging Team what can I bring from the United States for the Conference that would be useful and doesn't weigh a lot and I can pack into a suitcase? It also had to be something I could get donated in-kind. The response, "Schwank." What is that? AH, schwag. They wanted Tech T-Shirts. So, I am asking every Web 2.0 and nonprofit technology ngo I know to contribute some t-shirts. They don't have to all from the same company or organization. I'd like to them out to the 200 Cambodian bloggers in attendance. I announced this at BlogHer, and the good folks at Scrapblog generously donated a dozen t-shirts to the cause and Tara Hunt is getting a donation from Valley Schwag. I still need more and have been putting the word out on Twitter. So, if you have new (not used) t-shirts with a Web 2.0 or Nonprofit Technology logo on it, please email me (beth.kanter at and I will tell you how to get them to me.

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Alex de Carvahlo kindly donated the first few t-shirts for the suitcase!

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Christine Songo from Google gave me these t-shirts from their BlogHer Exhibit space.

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Thank you to Georgia Popplewell, Co-Managing Editor at Global Voices
who mentioned at the end of her BlogHer session that I needed t-shirt donations and individuals (Jen Lemen and Mom2Amara) graciously donated t-shirts and I got three business cards from Web2.0/Tech companies and a offer of t-shirts. Tara Hunt offered me a variety of t-shirts from Valley Schwag, thanks! In addition, I'd like to thank Britt Bravo who gave her covered AOL laptop bag to schlep home the t-shirts from BlogHer and to Gina Trapani for donating her extra t-shirts.

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Candace N Nast had a great idea at BlogHer. Buy a T-shirt from Creative Commons and send it to me to pack in the suitcase. Enjoy this blog post by Tharum about Creative Commons in Cambodia and my photo! Larry Lessig responded with t-shirts!

My colleague, Loretta Donovan, just got back from a conference and has a brand new powersource t-shirt and cisco flip flips. These I must photograph as soon as they arrive.

Colleagues at NTEN and TechSoup are sending me t-shirts - Yeah!

Marc Sirkin at IRC is sending 3 yellow ones and 4 white ones.

Thomas Taylor is sending t-shirts from

Roshani from OneWorld is sent a few small and light tote bags.

Betsy Weber from TechSmith is getting some Camtasia and Snagit t-shirts, I think the Cambodia bloggers will just love snagit

Jeffrey S. Walker from Atlassian Software /news/2007/03/tshirts_20.html
is sending much sought over t-shirts.

Microsoft Online Services Group sent lots of t-shirts and key drives.

Jeska Linden sent t-shirts from Second Life

Allen Gunner, Aspiration