Notes for the Case Study

  • I prepared my campaign pitch. This included the outcome, dollar amount, and timeline. I needed to identify the end result of me going that was more inspiring that "pay for my airfare." It goes beyond that -- I added the video blogging kits, event sponsorship, and what I can bring over/do for Sharing Foundation.
  • I will announce the campaign offline during my presentation. I've asked a few colleagues for feedback and will tweak this before I post on my blog.
  • I made a sneak peek tweat and raised $65.00
  • I set up a system to acknowledge donors as they come in via email from paypal.
  • I added an alert to my facebook and raised another $55.00
  • I have lined up a radio interview with NPR for next week to talk about the campaign
  • Reposted Mean Lux's facebook announcement of Summit to to my profile