Cambodia Bloggers Summit Campaign

Help me work with the Cambodian Blogger Team

to teach young people in Cambodia to blog and use social media

and to make a better life!

Cambodian young people are joining the global conversation in the blogosphere and sharing their perspectives through different forms of grassroots citizen's media thanks to the efforts of a dedicated team of Cambodian bloggers. This team has been working on a voluntary basis to conduct 14 workshops called “Personal Information Technology Workshop” at 14 different universities in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap with more than 1700 students participating.

They are organizing the first "Cambodian Blogger Summit (aka Cloggers Summit)" to take place 30-31 August 2007 in Cambodia. The idea is to bring together students, professional Bloggers, writers, NGO workers, media, and tech gurus from within and outside Cambodia to share and learn more from each other on about how the ICT (including Open Source Software and Web2.0 tools) can make their study, work, and life easier.

I've been given an opportunity to help by leading a training and sharing my experience with nonprofits and social media. Here's what I'm going to do:
  • A train the trainers workshop with the Cambodian blogging team to share resource information, answer questions, and exchange ideas for teaching young people how to use social media in a developing country like Cambodia
  • Keynote welcome
  • A conference workshop on blogging techniques and video blogging techniques
  • Bring over 3 video blogging kits (inexpensive camera, a book, batteries, and SD cards) that will be used as "prizes" to encourage new bloggers
  • Learn about and document how the blogging team is doing outreach and encouraging new bloggers and share on my blog
  • Identify and interview 3-5 amazing Cambodian BlogHers and post on BlogHer site
  • Bring a suitcase of donated technology and nonprofit t-shirts for participants (they have no budget for scwhag)
  • Document the learnings from this personal fundraising campaign

I need your help. I'm raising $4,000 and the amazing folks at ChipIn are matching 50% of my donations. So, I'm turning to the power of personal fundraising and hoping that you, my readers, friends of my readers, and friends will support in my desire to make a difference in Cambodia. Even a donation of $20 will help.

Timing is running out. I need to reach my goal by August 10th so I can book my plane travel and I will continue to fundraise up until the date of my departure, tentatively scheduled August 25th. With your help, I know this can happen.

So, here's what I need you to do:

  • Make a donation. If 100 of my readers each donate $20, that will make the campaign successful!
  • Blog about this campaign and repost the fundraising badge on your blog
  • Forward the url to your colleagues and friends and ask them to contribute or repost.
  • Have some new t-shirts from a tech or nonprofit tech organization? I'd love to pack them in my suitcase!
  • Digg it notice that Virak, one of the Cambodian Bloggers, set this up
  • Follow the links to the Cambodian Bloggers on this side bar or on the Summit page, drop a comment encouraging them!